Quarantanglement: COVID-19 Created The Culture’s Infection — By: Writing On The Ball

What exactly is a “Quarantanglement”? Merriam-Webster’s would define it as “An individual or group subjected to an ensnaring sequence of events or extenuating circumstances while residing in a sequestered environment. Quarantanglement’s extenuating circumstances were an influx of infections. Urban Dictionary would define it as “When coronavirus got time at the crib for the culture”.

Quarantanglement is real people. It’s caused both chaos and creativity to sprout for my black kings and queens. Think about that unwelcomed uncle who comes to stay at your crib for “a few days”. In-between jobs & looking to get back on his feet. Then, a pandemic hits and you’re working for home. Saving money and time, which you’ve started allocating towards systemic justice. Win-win for you. While at home full-time though, you see more. Uncle begins sitting in your favorite chair and indulging in your favorite snacks (Those white chocolate covered Oreos are seasonal items only). Then, he gets WAY too comfortable and starts rapping on your IG live. Deep dives into your lady friend’s DMs. Before you know it, Unc has the unmitigated gall to go commando for The Gram in your favorite pair of jeans!

That’s America right now dealing with the influx of these “uncle-like” infections. COVID-19 is still here. Frankly, everyone’s tired of dealing with it but it ain’t tired of us. It even met it’s accomplice in crime: racism. Two viruses tag-teaming to fight the world without any formidable adversaries. Racism has had real estate in America for centuries. The Rona just extended its U.S. Visa thru Q4 2020. Serving eviction notices to both of these vigilantes is the main agenda. Both bums gotta go.

However, America loses focus easily. There’s been so much going on since Rona made its debut. The good has involved the societal awakening after George Floyd’s assassination. The time it gave the culture to put everyone on notice in unprecedented fashion was paramount. Even the NFL got involved. Masks and social distancing became new norms, health practices became protocol. It warms my heart to see all the positive change from this situation. However, we are slowly creeping away from it because it hasn’t been sustainable. Why? Coronavirus and racism are uncomfortable topics for “they” who run things. Both are categorized as political devices instead of human decency.

Look at the entertainment industry. THEY run it. Yet, at a time like this, many hoped for some of Hollywood’s finest, specifically in the hip-hop industry, to use their platform to educate their fans on how to eradicate these viruses in the midst of being quarantangled. Salute to those artist and actors who have done so in a direct, actionable way! Yet, there are other stars who have pivoted our attention from COVID and injustice towards “disease of me” infections. The culture is back in the tabloids.

The news is a never-ending cycle, microwaved by moving content in & out of our cerebrums quicker than Kanye’s 2020 presidential bid. Which brings up a good question: Why was Mr. West running for office in the first place? Ye’s decision-making has been…questionable for awhile now. Have you seen this guy recently? Someone once said “The Kurse” knows no end. It was me.

Unannounced, Chance The Rapper came over the top & doubled down on his behalf. Why Chance? The Culture needs that verbal energy for “Coloring Book 2” because that last album was umm…

Undetected, he was endorsed by an interesting ally in Terry Crews. If you’ve been following, Terry Crews said, “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter in America”.

Terry Crews needs to sit this one out. So does Chance. I happen to respect both of their crafts. However, Chance backpedaled faster than Deion Sanders in ’95 when he spotted Crews was carrying his twitter cape in the background. Looks like John Legend got thru to Chance after all.

Speaking of Legends, Mr. “I Am Legend” himself Will Smith is one of my favorite stars of all time. A young black man in Hollywood with style and swagger that’s made power moves with TV, music and movies. He’s a real inspiration and his 2020 was off to a helluva start! He came out the gates with the film, “Bad Boys For Life” (I highly recommend watching!). Then, came outta rap retirement on Joyner Lucas’s “Will (Remix)”:

From now on Will, that’s how you shoot! Fresh Prince still got some gas in the tank I see!

Then, the family car started leaking. In the midst of the quarantine, “Entanglement 2020” became a viral sensation as Will & Jada aired their personal affairs out to America. Subsequently, the wrath of the world wide web was on full display.

I personally don’t care what they do in their marital life, really none of our business. I’m not gonna lie though, this video was entertaining. The internet remains undefeated until further notice. To see 50-year-old Will Smith have to eat that information live apparently caught Curtis “50 cent” Jackson’s attention as well. Uh oh…

A friend once asked me, “Why is 50 Cent always being mean on social media & bullying people?” The man was shot 9 times & lived to tell the tale. What you expect? 50 feels teflon. Therefore, he’s operating with GOAT-level fearlessness & strategic savagery after nearly catching that eternal L. Simultaneously, he’s a marketing strategist and never lets a good storyline go to waste. The man beefed with Oprah. You think he won’t internet impeach Kanye? Or Will can detangle on his watch? He has NOTHING TO LOSE. He’s like Venom from Spider-Man. Slithering in the shadows, always ready to strike.

50’s COVID-19 crusade wasn’t just targeted at Ye and Will. It started with the now famous Lil Wayne interview, then transitioned to T.I.’s #BringMeTheBully Verzuz Campaign via Crime Stoppers, and then landed his recent dismount on Nick Cannon, who cost himself a few checks by making Anti-Semitism remarks on his podcast.

Listen, Anti-Semitism is serious but had no business at the party in the first place. Rona & racism were still passing out promotion flyers outside Club USA.

Quarantanglement doesn’t discriminate. We must remember that people are people, social and financial capital notwithstanding. Entertainers are capable communicators but that doesn’t make them qualified educators. Ye for Prez, Willie’s woes, and 50 being 50 are by-products of how being quarantangled has people distracted from the real infections: Racism and COVID-19.

We gotta refocus from the fun though. Good work is being done by the culture. They just don’t get enough shine time on social media because it’s not as aesthetically interesting. However, they should be highlighted for it because we need them.

Part II does that. Stay tuned.

Originally published at https://www.writingontheball.com on July 22, 2020.

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